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What is an "Offer"?

Offers on legitimate freebie sites like this free ipod touch site are from well-known legitimate companies. These are almost always free trials of products or services, and can be anything ranging from DVD rentals to book clubs to diet pills. There's always a wide variety of free and cheap offers to choose from so you can find something you're likely to want to try.

Why do you have to do an offer to get a free ipod touch?

Freebie sites like this free ipod touch site are paid by advertisers to refer people to try out the sample trial products. A new customer is a very valuable asset, and the advertisers are willing to pay the free ipod touch site for every person who tries out their product. The free ipod touch site then turns around and uses the profit they make to give YOU a free ipod touch! It's a win-win situation for everyone, the advertisers get new customers to try out their products, the free ipod touch site takes a small cut, and you get a free ipod touch!

What kind of offers are available?

There's a huge variety of offers available to get your free ipod touch. While some of the offers cost money, many of them are totally free or only require a small shipping and handling charge (average total cost of your offer is $5). Most offers are from well-known companies, and the offers are usually great discounts which give you a chance to try out something new!

How can you make sure that you get "credit" for trying the offer?

Almost always if you click on the offer listed in the free ipod touch site and complete it, it will automatically show up on your free ipod touch account. Once in a while you may need to request "manual credit" which just means that you will show the free ipod touch site that you completed an offer (just follow the instructions on the free ipod touch site). Here are some tips to ensure that you get automatically credited for trying the offer :

  • Make sure you choose an offer you have never done before (you can only try each offer once!).
  • Use Internet Explorer if possible, or Firefox, for any offer signups.
  • Clear your cookies right before completing the offer.
  • Make sure you go to the offer site by clicking from the offers page on the free ipod touch site.
  • Save any confirmation emails you receive from the Offer Company.

What are the best offers?

You should always pick an offer which you are genuinely interested in. Take a look through the available offers and choose the one which appeals to you the most. You are likely to find some great new products and services this way! The best offer is always the one you like the most! Here's a list of some of the offers currently available (this is just a sample - make sure you take a look at the ones on the free ipod touch site to find which one you want to try the most).

  • - totally free - CREDITS INSTANTLY! You get $5 of free stamps.
  • Video Professor - CREDITS INSTANTLY! Free trial with $6 shipping.
  • Blockbuster - CREDITS INSTANTLY! Rent DVDs online with this reputable company - $9.99 trial.
  • eAuction Tutor - CREDITS INSTANTLY! Learn some great tips for eBay - free with $4.95 shipping.
  • Ultima Smile - CREDITS INSTANTLY! Free trial of popular teeth whitening system - free with $4.95 shipping.

Remember, this is just a sample of the many offers available so be sure to pick an offer which you like the best!

Can you do an offer more than once?

You can NEVER do the same offer more than once, even for different freebie sites. This is considered fraud! Freebie sites are constantly adding new cool offers so you won't have trouble finding one you like that you haven't done before.

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More questions?

Still have questions about offers? Feel free to ask in the comments section below!

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2010 September 24, 22:51 faraad wrote :
hey, how many points do you need for a ipod touch if you dont get reeralls?
2010 September 24, 23:36 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Hi faraad, just check out the terms and conditions section in your free ipod touch account to see how many points for each prize.

2010 September 7, 19:06 evilipod wrote :
Hmmm... Is it possible to get a iPod Touch WITHOUT refering or paying a single cent for offers? Or will you at sometime have to pay something? Also, how long on average would it take to get a iPod Touch using the points system?
2010 September 9, 21:29 Free iPod Touch wrote :

You need to either do multiple offers, or only one offer and get referrals. Using points can be very fast - you can do all your offers yourself and then place your order for your free iPod touch, and you don't have to spend time finding referrals, but it can be hard to find enough offers that you like for that.

2010 September 4, 14:20 eduardo wrote :
is it free to sign up?
2010 September 4, 15:23 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes, it is totally free to sign up.

2010 August 29, 12:34 Donna wrote :
I was told by a friend that they got a i pad and a i pod touch totaly free. No refering friends. No nothing. FREE????
2010 September 4, 15:23 Free iPod Touch wrote :

If you choose the points method you do not need to refer anyone.

2010 April 3, 10:05 Larry wrote :
How many points do you get per offer on average ?
2010 April 3, 18:55 Free iPod Touch wrote :

You can check on the offers page, but all the Level A offer (there are lots of those) are worth at least 50 points each.

2010 March 28, 14:36 Kennedy wrote :
I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!! i am going to get a wii and 2 16 gb ipod touch!!! So excitedd!! I am telling everyone I know about this cool website!!!

2010 March 15, 14:08 cape wrote :
what are some other sites that give ipodtouches for free
2010 March 17, 08:34 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Hi Cape, check out this Freebie Directory for more great proven legit sites.

2010 February 24, 15:53 josh wrote :
wait so could you get today an itouch free and tomorrow or next week and ps3 free too?
2010 February 24, 16:46 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes you can get both for free

2009 May 19, 15:57 sam wrote :
Where would we send it back to if it didn't work?
2009 May 19, 17:16 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Your free iPod touch will be shipped from a known store (usually so you would be able to exchange it through them. You will receive a receipt for your free iPod.

2009 March 31, 16:14 hannah morgan wrote :
how do you do refferals?
2009 March 31, 16:35 Free iPod Touch wrote :

To get a referral, simply give out your referral link (you will find your own link once you create your free iPod touch account) to your friends and have them sign up with that link. Once you have enough referrals you will get your free iPod touch!

2008 August 20, 18:56 Gabriel wrote :
Thank you for your answer! Well my number one concern is safety and I'm only doing the offers in order to get credit, that's all that matters to me. Thanks again :)
2008 August 20, 19:18 Free iPod Touch wrote :

\"Only doing the offers to get credit\" is considered offer fraud and is not permitted on freebie sites. Freebie Sites make money (to pay for your iPod) by referring genuinely interested customers to their advertisers. This is why you are only supposed to do offers that you are actually interested in (otherwise you are hurting the freebie industry).

2008 August 19, 18:35 Gabriel wrote :
Hello, I just signed up for the eAuction Tutor in order to get my credit and I see you have to cancel the membership within 14 days before they start charging you 60$. What I was wondering is if you have completed this offer and if it was easy to cancel it easily via their phone number. Thanks! hope I'm not irritating you with all the questions :)
2008 August 20, 13:27 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Hello again, Gabriel. eAuction Tutor is a good legit offer, all the information they have about their membership is in the Terms and Conditions. Just so you know, you should be picking offers that you are genuinely interested in, not doing offers and planning to cancel them straight away.

2008 August 19, 11:10 Gabriel wrote :
Well I'm interested in the offer that is the safest and I can rely on so that there's no catch to it.

2008 August 18, 20:55 Gabriel wrote :
What is the best offer for canadians?
2008 August 19, 07:16 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Hi Gabriel. You should try to choose an offer that you like best - there are lots of cool ones to choose from.

2008 February 29, 14:33 a wrote :
what if you dont want to get refferals but need the ipod soon.
2008 February 29, 14:43 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Some sites allow you to complete extra offers instead of referring friends. Check the terms and conditions of the site that you joined to see.

2008 February 28, 18:00 jimmy h wrote :
how can you sign up for things
2008 February 28, 20:09 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Simply click the link above to get your free iPod Touch, and then you can complete your offer requirements by going to the Offers section in your account.

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