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Free iPod Touch basics

Legitimate free iPod sites all work in basically the same way :

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete an advertiser's offer
  3. Refer your friends

Anyone who completes these requirements without trying to cheat the system will get a free iPod touch shipped to them.

Why will this site send me a free iPod touch?

The free iPod touch system is completely legal and is not any sort of scam or pyramid scheme. Here's how it works. For each person that signs up and completes an offer, the free iPod touch freebie site is paid a bounty from the advertisers who provide the offers. These offers are almost always free, no obligation trials of their products and services. While some offers are 100% free, others may cost a few dollars for shipping and handling. Although it might seem strange to have to "pay" for something that you are getting for free, you shouldn't have to pay more than about $7 - $10 at most to get your free iPod touch, and if you choose a totally free offer you won't pay a cent.

For each offer that you and anyone that you refer completes, the advertisers pay about $40-$50 to the free iPod touch freebie site. Once you have enough referrals, this money has more than paid for your free iPod touch.

free ipod touch cycle

The free iPod Touch cycle explained

  1. You register at the site.
  2. You and your referrals complete advertiser's offers.
  3. The advertisers pay the free iPod touch freebie site for your offers.
  4. The free iPod touch freebie site sends you your free iPod touch.
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How does the free iPod touch freebie site make a PROFIT?

The free iPod touch freebie sites are businesses, and they are out to make a profit. But how do they do so, when they are legitimately giving away free iPods?

Freebie sites make money in two different ways. When someone signs up and completes an offer, but later on they try to "cheat" the system (by breaking one of the rules listed below) then they won't get their free iPod touch, but the freebie site still gets the bounty from their offer and the offers that their referrals did. In other cases, someone signs up and completes an offer, but they give up before getting enough referrals to get a free iPod touch. Again, the free iPod touch site gets to keep the money that they make off advertiser's offers.

free ipod touch cycle

Person A completes their offer, gets enough referrals, and gets their free iPod touch. Person B completes their offer, but doesn't get enough referrals. Person C completes their offer but they try to cheat the system by breaking the rules.

Make sure that YOU get your free iPod touch by completing the requirements and not cheating! It's easy to complete this legit site without resorting to breaking the rules, and you will get caught if you try to cheat. Why ruin your chances of getting a free iPod touch by giving up before getting your referrals or trying to get away with cheating the system? Get your referrals, play fair, and you will guaranteed to receive an iPod touch for free.

Free iPod Touch site rules

Make sure to follow these rules to be guaranteed to get your free iPod touch.

  • One account per household (don't let other people sign up using your computer.
  • Don't use a public computer to sign up (in case someone else signed up from the same place.
  • Use real information when you register. This site has been proven legitimate and they will not sell your information.
  • Do not use a "proxy" when you register - this site is legit and has great fraud protection!
  • Don't ever do the same offer more than once. This is fraud and you will lose your free iPod touch account!
  • DON'T SCAM OR SPAM - there is not need to try to cheat the system.

Need more proof or info?

If you need more proof, check out our Freebie Proof section or take a look through these articles.

Sign up here for a free 16GB iPod touch!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'm happy to help you in any way that I can!

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2011 March 3, 09:14 jack brollier wrote :
I would like to try and get a ipod, I am a desable vet. It would be nice to get a iPod. I dont make much money on desabilty, I would go out and get one but I am going to try and get one this way first. Thank You
2011 March 5, 19:08 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Cool! You are going to love your free iPod touch.

2011 March 2, 21:11 fernando wrote :
when do i get my free ipod touch
2011 March 5, 19:08 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Hi Fernando, once you place your order it takes about one week to ship (and shipping is free!)

2010 December 8, 21:05 Levi wrote :
Hello can i offer it to my facebook or myspace friends ?

2010 November 17, 01:28 total techie wrote :
hey wtf i did an offer i played games then i thought i did it the i checked my "progress" thingy and it said nada

2010 October 15, 21:17 francesecca wrote :
At first i thought this was fake but then i read on and am starting to belive it, i swear to god if this is another scam im going to go nuts!
2010 November 4, 20:15 Free iPod Touch wrote :

It is not a scam, this is a tested method to get a free iPod touch.

2010 October 9, 11:34 luis cruz wrote :
why do u have this wesite in the first place and whos is this im typing to?
2010 October 14, 07:50 Free iPod Touch wrote :

I am a person just like you who wanted to get a free iPod - and I did! So I wanted to show other people how to do it. There are lots of scams out there so I wanted to show people the legitimate way to get a free iPod touch without getting scammed.

2010 September 9, 08:39 Derek wrote :
ok, so if compleat 1 offer, tell 5 or 6 friends about this site, and they sign up, all i have to do is order an i-pod touch from yall, and i get it COMPLEATLY FREE?
2010 September 9, 21:29 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes, that is all that is required to get your free iPod touch.

2010 September 4, 19:17 T wrote :
So does the Ipod touch come in the original case with everything in it or is it in a different package with just the touch
2010 September 9, 21:29 Free iPod Touch wrote :

It comes in the original unopened packaging, straight from Apple.

2010 July 15, 15:11 Angel wrote :
Do you just complete one offer only? Are any of the offers free or do they charge money? When you refer someone, can it be any e-mail address? You refer some friends and if they join and complete an offer, does that guarantee me a free iphone? If they do not join or complete the offer, does that mean that I don't get my free iphone? Can you refer the same friends for getting another free iphone or do they have to be a different bunch of friends? Do they also give out free wii, xbox 360, and ps3 game consoles? But, if it supposed to be free, why do you do the offer anyway? Can you cancel an offer you have made and get back to it again if you wanted to? Or do you have to complete different offers? Are there offers that do not require a credit card number, e-mail address, or password? Thank you for answering my inquiries.
2010 July 17, 15:43 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Hi Angel, most of your questions are answered in the Freebie FAQ but here is some more information. You only need to complete one offer, some offers are free and some cost money (new offers are added all the time so just look through the ones that are available and pick the one you like the best). You can refer anyone, so long as they do not live in the same household as yourself. If your friends join and complete their offer, then yes, you are guaranteed a free iPhone. Just make sure that you don't try to cheat the system and you are guaranteed to get your iPhone for free (don't sign up more than once, don't refer yourself!). Your referrals only count if they do an offer (you can refer someone else instead though). You can refer the same people on different sites, so if you want to sign up for another prize you can refer the same people. Check out all our sites in the Freebie Directory. More info on why you need to do an offer can be found here: How Freebie Sites Work. Please do not ask about cancelling offers. Discussing offer cancellation is not allowed. You are supposed to sign up for an offer that you want to try out. Remember though, that you can only do each offer one time.

2010 May 15, 16:51 bethany wrote :
is there anything else i hav 2 do 2 get my free ipod touch
2010 May 17, 20:57 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Nope, just follow the steps.

2010 April 28, 03:32 Jack wrote :
Hey guys, i'm not 100% sure on what i have to do. Do i have to tell my friends about the offers?
2010 April 28, 20:57 Free iPod Touch wrote :

You need to refer your friends to the site. Just log into your free iPod touch account and find your referral link, and give that to your friends to sign up.

2010 April 26, 17:05 Brianah wrote :
I've tried one of these websites before, but then they charged me for shipping. Do you charge for shipping?
2010 April 28, 20:57 Free iPod Touch wrote :

No, with the sites listed here, shipping is free.

2010 March 30, 14:45 Austin wrote :
I have always begged to my parents about having an ipod touch, but the same answer will happen every time,"This item is too expensive". I would try to go on ebay and look for low priced bids, but they were still too much money. I was a little disappointed so I googled free ipod touch. Your site appeared first, but I thought this was a scam until I watched some living proof videos, and I have one question before I do this... How do you get an 8 gb 3rd generation, ipod touch?
2010 March 31, 22:12 Free iPod Touch wrote :

I think the cheapest iPod touch is the 16GB. It's easy to get for free, only 6 referrals!

2010 March 18, 10:41 amber danyus wrote :
okay, so i fill out the stamps offer, them i print it and then when i refur my friends, do they have to complete an offer? and how long will it take?
2010 March 19, 07:36 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes, your friends need to try out an offer. It only takes a few days to complete the requirements and then you can order your free iPod touch.

2010 February 2, 18:01 aly wrote :
my friend was talking bout it and he said that he could get me one and i didnt believe him but how does it work?
2010 February 3, 09:19 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Read this page, it explains how you can get an iPod touch for free.

2010 January 19, 09:05 bananas:) wrote :
so do i have to send this to my friends, they sign up too and wen ive got enough friends signed up i get a free ipod touch? and do they get one too?
2010 January 19, 13:19 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes, if they complete the requirements they get a free iPod touch too!

2010 January 6, 15:13 Alec wrote :
After using the link, just sign up, read how the accounts work, and your on your way to getting a free ipod touch of your choice! I thought i couldn't do it, but i tried that link and i'm already well on my way!

2009 December 2, 15:20 ht wrote :
ok.. so all i have to is just tell my friends and make them signe up? and sfter that is complete i can order my ipod touch ?
2009 December 2, 23:10 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes, that's it! Don't forget to complete your offer and refer your friends. Then just place your order and they will send your free iPod touch.

2009 November 25, 06:37 angie wrote :
hi im angie and i wanted to get an ipodtouch sooooooooooooooo badly and i dont want to spend my money for it so i was wondering if i can get one for free.. thnx :)
2009 November 25, 13:30 Free iPod Touch wrote :

You can! Just follow the instructions on this site!

2009 November 6, 05:18 ar wrote :
what if i dont have any friends that want to do it or even have an account here do i have to pay? what if i live in a different country but i have a US adress from the american embassy? is this some sort of scam saying your not paying any money but u r?
2009 November 6, 14:06 Free iPod Touch wrote :

If you are a US resident you can use the Canada/US site, otherwise select the worldwide. If you are having trouble finding referrals, you can try trading for them in online forums.

2009 October 20, 21:35 SC wrote :
So you basically tell some people about a bunch of stuff from companies and you send us an ipod touch? ABSOLUTELY FREE???? Do you have to tell your friends to sign up for a bunch of stuff so that they get a bunch of junk mail?
2009 October 21, 01:36 Free iPod Touch wrote :

No, there is no junk mail and you do not have to sign up for a bunch of stuff.

2009 July 19, 16:48 Logan wrote :
When u refer your friends do they have to particpate in this to or if they say no do i not get the ipod
2009 July 20, 20:25 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Your referrals must sign up and complete an offer.

2009 May 27, 16:49 T.M.S wrote :
why when I click on get a free iPod touch, it comes u with iPod Nano instead and doesn't have an option for a touch.
2009 May 28, 08:21 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Sometimes they run out of space to list all the prizes. Check the terms and conditions to see everything that is available.

2009 May 9, 10:22 edith wrote :
so does it really work? because my dad said that stuff like this sometimes isnt true
2009 May 9, 16:19 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes it really works. I used this company and got my free iPod.

2009 April 10, 13:00 hwh wrote :
Is this site really for real? It says NBC and others have talked about it, but is it REALLY for real? And if so, how can I be sure I won't have to pay anything, including shipping, for my iPod touch?
2009 April 10, 13:52 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Yes, it is for real - myself and lots of other people have received their free iPods. I suggest that you do a Google search for free iPod proof or freebie proof to see for yourself that it is real. You really can get a free iPod touch!

2009 February 28, 08:24 ta wrote :
What do you do when your comleting an advertisment offer thing?
2009 February 28, 12:45 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Just click on the offer and follow the instructions to sign up.

2009 February 9, 14:30 Jay wrote :
Are there any offers that do not require a credit card? IF so, can you tell me the name of the offer or how to get to it?
2009 February 9, 18:24 Free iPod Touch wrote :

Most offers require a credit care. You can take a look through the available offers on the free iPod touch site and see which ones do not require a credit card.

2009 February 9, 14:18 Jay wrote :
How many friends do we need to refer minimum?
2009 February 9, 18:24 Free iPod Touch wrote :

It depends on the site, and on the value of the prize. You can get a free iPod touch for 5 referrals on several legit sites.

2009 January 20, 19:38 ant wrote :
how do u know tht we refferd freinds 2 u guys
2009 January 20, 22:54 Free iPod Touch wrote :

When your friends sign up with your referral link, they will show up as your referrals (you will see their email addresses listed on your account).

2008 November 27, 18:00 mb wrote :
ya right! If it ISN'T a scam then why does it want your email and password plus your adress! I guess it wants also to send you junk
2008 November 27, 20:41 Free iPod Touch wrote :

You don't need to give out any passwords. Your address is required to send your free iPod touch (so they know where to mail it for free). I've never received any junk mail and I got two iPod touches for free.

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